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Featured Listing - GetFit Travel

GetFit Travel is a unique way for people to combine weight loss and travel. As most things in life when things become difficult many people’s first reaction is to quit. We wanted to stop this sort of behaviour by providing an additional goal; which is to prepare people for an adventure tour. Losing weight shouldn’t be a persons only goal, because frankly it is an ever moving target; however, if you include preparing to take an adventure tour at the end with the support and encouragement from caring staff, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes more bright and the lead up less daunting. But just training your body is not enough so we have included nutrition guidance to make sure that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients required. Setting you up with good eating habits that will carry on throughout the training and long after the tour has been completed. GetFit Travel have combined the travel and fitness together in an easy to manage solution, giving the client great savings and service. Our helpful and supportive staff are there to assist clients from start to finish, and of course once they return from their tour.

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